COVID-19: How to “Keep House” as a Travel Writer

Get Organized

Those notes, draft articles, and photo dumps aren’t going to magically file themselves away into their respective folders. This is the perfect time to take inventory of what you have and make some sense of the madness. Consider starting an archive for items that are over a year old; whatever you do, don’t delete them. You never know when that content could come in handy…

Submit Content

Curate whatever you found while organizing, research media outlets that seem like a good fit, and submit your content. Is that article on San Francisco from 2018 still sitting on your computer desktop? Yes, I am talking to you, almighty procrastinator. Leverage the downtime that magazines have to your advantage and show them that you’re worthy of publication.

Network, Network, Network

We are all in this together. Thank PR professionals, media agencies, editors, and tourism contacts for supporting your work. Better yet, get creative together and find a way to mutually drive business. Don’t forget about your fellow writers; connect with them on social media and share each other’s articles. Like a new-age calisthenic exercise, reach out and lift up.

Travel Virtually

Many industry professionals are offering “virtual” tours of the cities that they represent. Since we cannot travel, consider joining their seminars to learn more about a place that you’ve been interested in writing about. I receive at least one request a week to participate in a “virtual travel” opportunity. Need new content but can’t go anywhere? No problem!

Educate Yourself

Take an online course in writing or editing (I can help, too). Brush up on your photography, marketing, and website design skills. Or, learn an entirely new skill that can help round out your resume and portfolio. Personally, I have had great success with Coursera. A few of my friends have also recommended Khan Academy and Udemy. The online world is your oyster.

Set Those Goals

The COVID-19 pandemic won’t last forever. Given the circumstances, where do you see yourself in 3, 6, 9, and 12 months? What goals would you like to accomplish? The important part: Sit with yourself long enough to allow impulsive ambitions make way for realistic objectives. Look at your resources and devise a plan of attack. Once this chaos resolves itself, direction will be in your favor.

Now that I have shared my insight, how are YOU staying open for business?

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