The Best Places to Eat in San Francisco

Most people who know me understand my love for cooking and gastronomy. My second trip to San Francisco allowed me to deepen that passion. I practically ate my way through the city in four days. Behold, the ultimate guide to the best places to eat in San Francisco! GOOD MORNING Higher Grounds Glen Park - … Continue reading The Best Places to Eat in San Francisco

Destination: Palm Springs

The desert city of Palm Springs is nostalgic and truly timeless. It serves as an iconic example of mid-century California living in the form of 1960s architecture, vintage cars, and palm tree lined streets. I have been vacationing in Palm Springs since I was a young girl and it's easy to see why it is … Continue reading Destination: Palm Springs

Portugal: Magical Milfontes

I have been traveling my entire life, whether it be via car, train, or airplane. Amidst the madness, it's too easy to lose sight of the purpose of your journey. Every once in a while, there is a place that grounds you as you fall irrevocably in love with its people, domain, and culture. A … Continue reading Portugal: Magical Milfontes

Portugal: Tales from Sintra

Once upon a time, an American tourist heard about a colorful palace that sat high above the pine trees in Sintra, Portugal. Whimsical stories of a noble castle further piqued her interest. Ever since she was a little girl, she had loved fantasy and fairy tales; now, she had the chance to witness enchantment! The … Continue reading Portugal: Tales from Sintra

Portugal: Carnaval in Madeira

Partying on a remote island off of the coast of Morocco? No problem for those who aren't a walking contradiction: I love traveling but I am not keen on flying. Once you accept that Madeira's airport is the third most dangerous airstrip in Europe, the turbulent 1.5 hour flight from Lisbon is worth it. The … Continue reading Portugal: Carnaval in Madeira