Essentials for Working While Traveling

With the “digital nomad” movement in full swing, travel writers and bloggers are keen to share their must-have items for working on the go. Read on to find out more about my working-while-traveling essentials!

Slim Backpack and Laptop/Notebook

I am a hardcore minimalist and enjoy all things low profile. I wanted a backpack that was functional, durable, and slim. I have a backpack like this one and I take it everywhere with me. Its numerous compartments keep my cords, chargers, and electronic gadgets organized. It is built like a folio with a padded laptop pocket so that I can pack my computer, iPad, and iPod (yes, I still have one) without them crushing one another.

A lightweight and compact laptop is imperative. Preferably, one with a fast processor and plenty of memory. I endorse Samsung; they consistently produce reliable products. If you are a designer or someone who frequently works with visual elements, consider investing in a touchscreen laptop. This feature comes in handy when you do not have space to plug in a mouse (read: airplane seat). Whatever setup you have, take full advantage of the resources that your system offers.

iPad Tablet as “Back Up”

Let’s face it, technology is a fickle beast and humans love convenience. My iPad is a lifesaver when my computer is being a jerk or when I don’t have the time to boot up. My tablet allows me to brainstorm and complete projects offline while I am waiting to board a plane. Warning: harmonizing a Windows laptop with an Apple iPad is challenging. Alternating between the two environments can be achieved with Bootcamp. Personally, I like to keep them separate.

Happy Planner and Erasable Pens

Staying organized is essential and so is maintaining flexibility. Enter, the Happy Planner and erasable pens! A previous colleague of mine introduced me to these, the moment was revelatory. I was skeptical about using a paper planner, since I write everything in my phone. However, writing out tasks and due dates has improved my memory retention. In a world where priorities constantly change, erasable pens help me stay on top of what is important.

Does your list look similar to mine? I am always happy to hear about what makes your work/travel life easier.

Post a comment below or e-mail me!

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